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ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Airlangga are one of 5 founders of Asian Law Students’ Association in Indonesia, formed on May 18th 1993, ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Airlangga located in Surabaya, East Java Now, ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Airlangga has reach it’s 27 th anniversary.


On this year ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Airlangga has changed it’s Board of Directors, consist of Director, 2 Secretary, 1 Treasurer, and 3 Vice Directors (Vice Director of Internal Affairs, Vice Director of External Affairs, and Vice Director of Academic Affairs), which supervise 10 divisons consist of Internal Division, Human Research Development Division, Information Communication and Technology Division, External Division, Public Relations Division, Alumni Division, Academic Development Division, English Development Division, Mootcourt division, and Funding Division.


Within each division managed by it’s manager ALSA LC UNAIR has 3 (three) signature program, that is ALSA Courtlike Debate Championship (ACDC), ALSA Local Social Responsibility (ALSR), and International Video Conference, and many others.


Internationally Minded

Socially Responsible

Accademically Commited

Legally Skilled

Reka Bagus Wicaksono

Director ALSA LC UNAIR 2011/2012

"The main benefits of ALSA are friendship, mainly when it comes to the work field. There dozens of Alumni from ALSA in Indonesia with the variety of jobs they have. This makes a very positive impact on the member of alsa to be a better person".

what people say

Amuwarni Esti Maharani

Manager HRD 2014/2015

"ALSA is one of the organizations that are very consistent. There are many benefits from joining ALSA, to be exact is self-management, it helps you a lot unless you are truly consistent while in the organization"

Lintang Yudhantaka

Vice Director of Internal Affairs 2016/2017

"One of the benefits that I gained is a huge relation between the alumni in ALSA not only on a scale of national but also on a scale of international. Besides that, it helps me to improve my management and public speaking ability and even more improved if you are joining any committees or be a project officer. In a real work situation, GPA (Grade Point Average) is not the only thing that we need to prepare but also soft skills; the ability to talk and group working".

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We would like to introduce our Local Board includes the managers and staffs of ALSA LC UNAIR 2019/2020.

May we all perform our duties well from this year ahead.


ALSA, Always be one!




Dharmawangsa Dalam Selatan, Airlangga, Kec. Gubeng, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60286



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