Academic Affairs

ACDC 2021

English Development Division proudly present the Event Review of ALSA Courtlike Debate Championship 2021. On 6th August 2021 until 8 August 2021, ALSA LC UNAIR successfully held its annual event ALSA Courtlike Debate Championship. This event aims to introduce to high school student about debate about law topics and develop sense of awareness about law in this age. This year, there are several teams from high school around Java and Sumatra competing to win the annual trophy from The Ministry of Law and Human Rights. With the event successfully held, we’re hoping ALSA Courtlike Debate Championship to keep improving and being held to give opportunity for high school students to learn about argumentation and giving solution for cases from this competition.


Internal Moot Court Competition is an annual event of Moot Court Division ALSA LC Unair in collaboration with Komunitas Peradilan Semu FH Unair. This event mostly attended by new students who want to learn the practice of law in court simulation, and as a starting point for students who are interest in national or international moot court competition.

Seminar ALSA

Seminar ALSA is one of the annual event held by the Academic Development Division of ALSA LC UNAIR. We held this Seminar by teleconference again this year due to the ongoing pandemic COVID-19. In 2021, Seminar ALSA brought a topic entitled "Questioning Democracy in Indonesia, How is the Right to Freedom of Expression and Information in the Digital Space Sustained?". This seminar was aimed to educate the general public on the understanding of human rights along with the implementation of democracy in Indonesia and its correlation with the sustainability of the right to freedom of expression and information in the digital space. Seminar ALSA 2021 was held on Sept 4th 2021 with 1 Keynote Speaker (Representation from The Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs the Republic of Indonesia and Head of Research Team UU ITE) and 3 Speakers (Representation from the Directorate of Harmonization Legislation Ministry of Law and Human Rights the Republic of Indonesia, YLBHI, and a lecturer of Human Rights FH UNAIR). It was successfully held with a total of 1000+ participants (Zoom & YouTube Live).