External Affairs

Internal Affairs


Organizing Leadership and Managerial of ALSA or also known as OLMA, is divided into pre-event (Pre-Olma) and the main event.

Pre-OLMA      : In Pre-OLMA, the pre-member of ALSA will get to know the brief introduction of ALSA and our core values as a preparation before OLMA. The event will also consist of the technical meeting regarding OLMA.

OLMA            : The event will be held within a 3 days-2 nights program that consists of the legal and organizational training and workshop. There are also fun games and outbond session



Alsa 27th Anniversary is an annual event of ALSA LC UNAIR to celebrate the anniversary of ALSA LC UNAIR on May 18, 1993. The purpose of this event is to bond the connection between members and alumni of ALSA LC UNAIR.

This year, due this pandemic issues, we agreed to hold a charity event and an online celebration.ALSA Anniversary for Charity was held on June 27th 2020 and July 12th 2020 to help people on the street by gaving the ones who needed help with food packages to 84 targets.We also held an semi-online celebration with Rus-chic theme on August 25th, 2020 and it was successfully held with 19 Alumnies, 2 National Boards, and 107 Members participants.


Open House and Member Gathering, or commonly known as OHMG, is a series of events that is provided for new undergraduate students of Faculty of Law Universitas Airlangga. OHMG is provided as a medium for the new students to learn more about ALSA. OHMG is divided into two main events, the first one is the presentation session during the orientation period for the new undergraduate students. In this event, we also provide booth and assign some of our members to promote ALSA while also answer the new undergraduate student’s question and curiosity regarding ALSA. The new undergraduate students could also register themselves as pre-members of ALSA.