External Affairs


External Affairs



ALSA CONFERENCE is an ALSA INTERNATIONAL annual event that provides the participants from 17 National Chapters as a law student to learn more about legal issues and discussed it with the experties. From this event, the participants not only gain more knowledge but new friends as well.

Seminar & Musyawarah Nasional also known as SEMUNAS is ALSA Indonesia annual event in which seperated into 2 agendas, The National Seminar and The National Assembly. The aim of the National Seminar itself is to provide more knowledge for ALSA members and public participants regarding the implications of Indonesia's nickel export ban on investment and acceleration of battery-based motor vehicles in Indonesia.

The National Assembly is the highest forum of ALSA Indonesia its divided into several agendas such as National Board Accountability Report, the election of the next President of ALSA Indonesia and other important agendas regarding the future of ALSA Indonesia.

Semunas XXVII

ALSA Visit

ALSA VISIT 2020 is one of the annual event held by ALSA LC Unair . This events consists of four majour events of ALSA LC Unair which are ALSA Institute visit, ALSA Legal Training, Local Chapter Visit, and Alumni Gathering. Due to pandemic issue, we aggreed to held the ALSA VISIT 2020 through Zoom Application.

This year, ALSA VISIT brought a topic “Optimixing the Application of Good Corporate Govenrnance Principles in the BUMN Corporation”. During the event, We were welcomed by Kementerian BUMN RI and PT Pertamina Patra Niaga as speakers in an agenda of ALSA Institute Visit. We were also welcomed by Assegaf Hamzah & Partners and Soemadipradja & Taher as speaker in an agenda of ALSA Legal Training. Last but not least, we virtually done a LCocal Chapter Visit with ALSA LC Universitas Padjajaran and continued the day with Alumni Gathering as the closing agenda of ALSA Visit 2020

ALSA Local Social Responsibility

ALSA Local Social Responsibility 2020. ALSR is a form of social responsibility conducted by ALSA LC UNAIR. This year we have agreed to focus on teaching programs in 2 major cities, namely Surabaya and Jakarta. In Surabaya, we collaborated with Panti Asuhan Haji Muhammad Badrie to teach 7 students from Elementary School - Junior High School.While in Jakarta we collaborated with the Yayasan Obama Indonesia Skull to teach around 40 students from Kindergarten - Elementary School.The teaching we do is in the form of reading, writing, singing, and also being creative.We also held an opening & closing ceremony in a semi-offline, meaning the organizing committees and the Local Board gathered around in Yayasan and went live stream through Zoom Meetings.

ALSA Care & Legal Coaching Clinic

ALSA Care & Legal Coaching Clinic is an annual work program organized by ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Airlangga and supervised by ALSA National Chapter Indonesia. This work program is divided into two agendas, which are ALSA Care and Legal Coaching Clinic that aims to discuss and provide education related to social issues that occur in the community to be given to each Local Chapter to discuss.